Battery Management

Battery Analysis and Care Systems - BACS


General Info

The Generex BACS® (Battery Analysis & Care System) is the most advanced product of its kind on the market today. An web-based integrated battery monitoring and management system, BACS® uses web management technology to monitor the temperature, internal resistance, and voltage of every single battery in a given system. Through our patented voltage balancing process—called EQ BACS® calibrates the charging voltage of all batteries with the charger’s target value, keeping all batteries within optimal voltage operating range. The constant monitoring and harmonization of the individual charging voltages of batteries helps to guarantee the availability of the battery at all times, making the Achilles’ heel of any Battery system a thing of the past! What’s more, BACS® has the capacity to manage environmental measurements (temperature, humidity, acid fill level, hydrogen gas concentration, etc.) and appliances (UPS, inverters, transfer switches, generators, dry con­tacts, air conditioning systems, etc.). BACS® is the ideal system for lead-acid batteries (open/wet cell, maintenance free, gel, AGM, etc.), as well as NiCad, NIMH and most types of Li-Ion batteries.

Features (Standard Version)

  • Patented Active EQ
  • Increased Battery Capacity
  • Extends Battery life
  • Fully Web-Based
  • Downloadable battery history
  • SNMP and Modbus communication
  • Prevents unexpected battery failure
  • Battery voltages 2-16 VDC
  • Listed to UL 60950 standards

BACS WebManager


General Info

The BACS WEBMANAGER is the main control unit of the BACS system constantly monitoring each battery, and thus tremendously decreasing the probability of unnoticed battery failures. Since it is based on the CS121 technology the BACS WEBMANAGER provides a comfortable Web interface for data retrieval and configuration tasks, and an alarm system for notification of critical conditions in the system.

Features (Standard Version)

  • Management of up to 330 batteries
  • Acquisition of charge, discharge and stand-by states
  • User-friendly Web interface with integrated Web server
  • Alarm notification via LCD display and acoustical signals
  • Alarm notification via E-mail, SMS or network messages
  • Connectors for further environmental sensors

BACS Battery Modules

BACS Modules

General Info

Battery module for monitoring individual blocks in the 7-6000 Ah range that optimizes the usage of battery capacity and increases durability for all types of lead batteries. Patented "Equalizing" principle to distribute the charging voltage on individual batteries, up to 150mA on every battery. Efficient homogenisation of voltage levels on batteries up to 300Ah. Measurements of each individual block for Voltage, Temperature and Active internal resistance.


  • Measurement of Voltage, Temperature, and Internal Resistance
  • Battery Voltage Balancing (Active EQ)