Battery Management

Monitoring, measurement and control units for battery systems.

  • The only patented Battery Management System with individual monitoring of Voltage, Temperature, Impedance and high precision voltage balancing “Equalizing” for up to 330 batteries
  • For Lead/Acid, NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries
  • Avoid unnoticed or unexpected battery failures, extend the battery lifespan up to 30% and preserve the reliability of your batteries

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UPS Management

Remote control and monitoring of UPS and other security relevant devices

Remote monitoring and control of UPS devices and other security components
Flexible configuration permits different security levels
Built-in scheduler allows exact timing of processes .

Freely configurable event-handling, i.e. immediate notification of alarm situations via E-mail, SMS, and network messages.
Freely configurable and detailed logging possibilities

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Facility Management

Monitoring and control units for all kinds of sensors and actuators Seamless integration into UPS Management Solutions

  • Visualization and analysis of measurement data
  • Freely configurable event-handling, e.g. immediate notification of alarm situations via E-mail, SMS, and network messages.
  • Detailed logging possibilities

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Software Solutions

  • Highly scalable and reliable UPS Management Software centers
  • Full range of applicability: From single desktop systems to multi-platform computing

  • Wide range of scalable UPS Management and Monitoring solutions: From single-desktop systems to multi-platform computing centers.
  • Remote monitoring and administration for sensitive systems in need of reliable and stable protection.

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Extensions and subsidiary components for UPS and facility management

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